Finally Doing Edits

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It has been a long time since my brain has allowed me to do edits.  I’m working on the book about my father’s Alzheimer’s.  It’s time to put the articles and essays I’ve done about Wyatt Earp into something viable.  I’m doing that.  My publisher wants the murder mystery.  I need to get my act together and do a print-out, then find some pathetic sucker to do a quickie proof.  After a slow start, I just realized I’m about 40% into the murder mystery #11.  I’ve creeped myself out with this one. At least the brain is working.

I love the photos of the Thunderbirds I took several years ago.


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Off Into the Sunset

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The best part of living in my still very messy new home is definitely the sunsets! The patio is nearly ready for company. The kitties are all here. Rums loves his enclosed courtyard. I’m still trying to shelve books. The Doc Holiday play is finished. I’m doing edits on the first volume of the murder mystery series for publication, and am playing with a book of essays from my blog. The neighbors include quail, deer, bunny rabbits, and roadrunners. Of course coyotes can be heard. I think they’re afraid of the roadrunners.




My Books Are Not on Amazon

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Like many indy writers, I am not selling my books on Amazon.  You can find them there, but the price is obscene and insulting.

Also, I’m not happy because some jerk went and wrote nasty reviews, damning me over the price, which is something I have no control over via third party sites.

I’m not the only one having problems.  If I were, I’d be upset, but it is part of the game.

Anyone who buys one of my books on Amazon is out of their mind!  Contact me via FB or Twitter and I will be glad to help you with one. Or try sjreidheadatgmaildotcom.




A Quickie Update

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IMG_1302I am working on murder mystery #8.  I know, I should be doing edits and prepping for publication, but right now, I don’t even care.  There are so many other things going on my fried brain can’t deal with it.

A Walk on Water is being proofed.  I suspect it will see publication before anything else.  It is a compilation of about four years of my life sucks, being pissed with God, and rebuilding of faith.  I don’t like ‘happy ending’ happy-clappy books about faith.  they are fake.  There are times when our lives do suck, and we feel our prayers are not being answered.

The fashion book is a mess.  Until I can get my MacBook Pro 17″ repaired, I don’t know how to do the book on the smaller MacBook Air.  Also, the photos which I transferred from the older Mac to the newer one are completely screwed up thanks to the upgrades in iPhoto.

I’m just about ready to start working on the book about my father’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease.  I think I’m putting his WWII story in it, but I’m not sure.

My life is so screwed up, dealing with probate, trying to get the canyon property sold, and then finding a place to relocate, that I don’t even know which end is up.  Right now I basically have the first draft of at least 10 books completed, with another half-dozen in the stage of getting there.


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How to Acquire My Books

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CIMG0395The other month or so someone left a horrible message on Amazon, slamming my books as not worth the price!  I agree.  Like so many authors who can’t afford to go the way of Amazon’s extortion fees, what books are offered are being sold for prices that are obscene they are so high.  I finally managed to get enough copies of everything in stock (I haven’t had anything in over a year) to be able to go back in the book promotion & selling mode.    Unlike Amazon, I can’t offer free shipping. None are available in e-book version for the simple reason that footnotes don’t work well in that format – yet.  TRAVESTY has nearly 2000 footnotes.

A Church for Helldorado:  $19.99

The best way to ship is USPS priority flat envelope for $5.75.  Media Mail rates are even less.

TRAVESTY:  Frank Waters’ Earp Agenda Exposed:

There is no easy way to do this.  When you have 520 or so pages, it makes for heavy reading.  I suggest media mail.  Rates must be calculated.



Edits, Obsessive Writing, & Murder

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Copyright SJ Reidhead

Copyright SJ Reidhead

My first book of Christian essays is finally in the first stages of proofing and edits!  Just don’t ask for a publication date.  I have no idea. I do have a working title:  To Walk on Water.  Now,  you know almost as much as I do.  There is a second book in the works, based primarily on women’s issues and the history of women in the church, via more essays.  I’m maybe a third of the way through it.  While I’ve been doing that, I’ve been piddling around completing a book on essays about my political evolution from ‘Reagan’ Conservative to a proud supporter of Barack Obama. I’ve also started working on essays about pedophilia and overcoming abuse.

Believe it or not, my fourth murder mystery was completed in record time, in maybe 6 weeks.  I’ve begun a fifth, writing obsessively.  According to one of my editors, it’s a way of dealing with dealing with Alzheimer’s. And, yes, there’s a book on that, eventually.

The murder mysteries are fun.  They take place in modern day Tombstone.  Nothing is serious.  They are shallow and superficial, slip on a banana peel funny, with nothing resembling reality.  Oh, wait, that’s Tombstone!  And, before anyone gets upset, Tombstone is my 2nd favorite place in the world.  Bath is the other, KSC is third, BTW.

A couple weeks ago, I started counting works that are finished, needing edits, and nearly finished.  I’m up to 9 books.  At least, if I want, when I finally get around to dealing with my poor, long-suffering agent, and getting my act together, I can coast a few years when it comes to writing.

As far as Wild West Redressed, I need get back to it.  I’ve been searching for some very specific information, which I’ve finally located.  I think it changes the way we look at people in the Wild West, or rather how we smell them.  Yes, I can prove that they used deodorant. And that, is a very big fat hairy deal!

One other development, I have changed the color of my hair. Now, back to Tombstone.  The meanest woman in town was just murdered.  The problem is everyone disliked her so much, town marshal Jake Clark has concluded they have at least 900 or so suspects!


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DSC00408I just finished the third of my murder mysteries about modern day Tombstone!  It weighed in at around 499 pages and way too many words.  Unfortunately, I’ve already started the fourth.  I know, I should be editing, but I’m rather obsessively writing.

About two weeks ago I finished – or think I finished my first ‘spiritual’ book of essays.  My working title is A Walk On Water.  I’ll hit it soon, with edits.  I’ve already managed to blackmail some poor, unsuspecting, nice person into reading it for me.  The big question with it is do I remove some of the essays about women and put them over into the book about Paul and women?  I’ve started that one, too.

I’ve also begun working on edits of the devotional. The original manuscript is 600 pages – way too long.  Since I was unable to get permission from the so-called ‘christian’ writer whose work I had quoted, I’m having to remove some stuff.  No biggie.  I think the book is better without it.

It looks like I am about half-way there with a series of essays and commentaries about pedophiles and dealing with life – afterward.  I have begun working on the book on opera commentary and essays.

The other day, I complained to one of my editors that I’m just not in a mood to edit.  She reminded me that with what I’m going through with the parents, my head is probably doing all I can do.  That makes sense.


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Confessions of a Compulsive Writer

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CIMG0459It’s like this.  I’ve been writing, obsessively and compulsively since the end of July.  So far, I’ve produced about 1400 manuscript pages that included my first two murder mysteries, and am wrapping up a book on Christian essays.  I’m about 100 pages into my third murder mystery.

Okay, I confess, I’m having fun killing people!  If anyone were to study my Google searches, I’d be under a jail by now for all the things I’ve had to look up and research.  It’s a heck of a lot of fun, and I’ve learned a lot about stuff one should never use in real life.

Do you know the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath?  If not, stay tuned for my first murder mystery.  Yes, it has a title.  Yes, there are discussions about a publisher.  I’m holding back because once it goes out, I can’t revise anything.  I’m learning that if I work with all three books at the same time, I can make subtle changes in story lines and characters. Let’s face it, it’s a tremendous advantage.  Once it goes to a publisher, I can’t change anything, later on.

I have titles for everything.  I’m not revealing those titles, just yet.  But, what I will tell you is that they take place in modern day Tombstone.  They are stupid, funny, slap-stick, slip on a banana peel with no basis in reality.  I don’t want realty. I want to escape.

I’ve created a hero who is truly heroic.  If you know anything about me, I’m an opera freak.  My hero is a baritone, one of the leading singers in the world.  He is what is known as a Barihunk!  His fiance in the first book, and wife in the middle of the second constantly compares him, quite unfavorably to my favorites Sherrill Milnes and Dmitri Hvorostovsky.  He is constantly deleting Hvorostovsky’s music from her iPhone and deleting the ring tones she has made from his music, just to annoy her.  (Oh for such a life!)

The second book was a bit of a problem because I did not decide who done it until the last 100 pages or so.  I once read where my literary idol Tony Hillerman did not start out knowing who his murderer was until he was so far into a book.  The idea was too keep the reader guessing.  I’m trying to do that.  I changed my mind so many times in the second book that I hope it is full of delicious red herring.



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About SJ Reidhead

Photo 6jj6I am a kindergarten drop-out.

Lately, I has been getting some questions about who I am, and what I believe. I thought I would post a bit of information about me. You can find more information about my politics at The Pink Flamingo.

The main thing is I’ve had a blast, managed to get to hang out with a bunch of interesting people, was instrumental in talking Leonard Nimoy into changing the music used in the Star Trek movies; flirted with Carl Sagan – best flirt I ever met; and became friends with Ted Williams. For many years, my official title was The Bitch of the Space Program because I told off two astronauts, including one who walked on the moon, at the same time. I terrorized staffers on the Hill when it came to dealing with funding for NASA. I shared a banana split with MY MAN once – only time in my life I ever ate one. It was Johnny Bench, and he offered to share his banana split. Dizzy Dean offered to teach me how to play poker. And, I learned to consume adult beverages because Deke Slayton once offered to buy me a scotch, and I did not know how to drink!

I’ve had the great privilege of seeing some of the finest opera super-stars of the Twentieth Century, live: Beverly Sills (I have a cat named after her), Leontyne Price, Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, and the greatest baritone of them all, Sherrill Milnes – many times. You name the singer during the late 70s through the early 90s and I probably saw him or her. My regret is the fact that I have yet to see Dmitri Hvorostovsky in person. I only saw Bubbles once. I saw Leontyne Price twice, in galas. As for the great Luciano and Placi, I don’t even know how many times I saw them. As for Sherrill Milnes, I saw him so many times, in so many locations that he eventually refused to sign photos, telling me I had enough to wall paper a small bathroom. During concerts and galas, when he could come out on stage, (I always tried to sit on the front row), he would lean over bow and acknowledge that I was there! It has only been in the past few weeks that I realize I saw him more often, and visited with him longer than many of today’s super-stars!

I grew up as one of those kids who hung over the railing, leaning into the dugout begging for baseball autographs. Because I was so polite about it, I ALWAYS got results. The guys hated me! I was once nearly kicked out of a Braves game because I was standing by the railing, waiting to talk to Ted Williams. The guards told me I had to leave. I told them Mr. Williams asked me to stay. They argued until he came over and told them we were friends!

The Pink Flamingo is one of the five leading experts on the life of Wyatt Earp and Tombstone. It took me nearly a decade to land, receive permission to use, and transcribe only the 2nd diary to ever come out of Tombstone during the Earp era. I also am the researcher who discovered the original Frank Waters manuscript for his vile Earp Brothers of Tombstone.

SJ Reidhead (aka The Pink Flamingo) is a writer based in New Mexico. The author of two published novels, both westerns:  Dust Devil and The Second Mrs. Earp and two published works of non-fictions: TRAVESTY:  Frank Waters Earp Agenda Exposed and A Church for Helldorado, Endicott Peabody’s 1882 Tombstone Diary. One of the leading authorities on the life of Wyatt Earp and Tombstone during the Earp years, she is currently writing a series of murder mysteries set in modern day Tombstone. The author is also working on a book about fashion in the Wild West.  When complete, there will be over 2100 unpublished antique photographs dating from 1855-1910.

The author’s work has appeared in Wild West, True West, Blogcritics, and The Tombstone Times.  Recently the author has had to deal with a father in Stage 4 Alzheimer’s Disease.  This is leading to a book dealing with the frustrations of dealing with the frustrations of the disease, finance, legal, health-care, and things no one bothers telling families about it.

SJ Reidhead has been involved in Republican politics since she was ‘a little kid’.  During the Reagan years she was a lobbyist working with various non-profit organizations who were attempting to salvage NASA and the American space program after the disastrous Carter years.  Unfortunately, because of the libertarian take-over of the GOP, and the rise of the Tea Parties, as the Republican Party becomes more and more extreme and marginalized, it is impossible to remain loyal to the GOP.  The Pink Flamingo remains GOP to make their lives a living hell.  As of now, I will never vote for, nor support another Republican, ever.

The Pink Flamingo went on line on October 4, 2005, after the author realized “normal” Republicans were being marginalized as the extreme far right attempts to become the new normal.  In November, 2012, The Pink Flamingo, for the first time ever, voted for a Democrat, Barack Obama.  Normal will never again apply to the GOP.


It started out as a joke.  During the seven years I worked with the girls of my parish, leading a youth group, one of the things that I stressed were manners.  Part of having manners, the way I see it, is to know how to set a proper table, host a party, cater it, and clean up afterward.  I was fortunate enough to have a group of very talented girls in my youth group.  They learned how to plan for, and execute large church functions, very properly. During one such function I noticed there were several incredibly tacky pink flamingos sitting on the table.  Knowing the girls were up to something, I said nothing.  A few months later they did the same thing at a function I was hosting at my home.  I said nothing.  They had a birthday party for me.  More pink flamingos appeared – and a joke was born.

Thanks to the girls, all of whom are now grown, I have a collection of pink flamingos.  It has become an ongoing joke.  When I began working on my political blog, I realized the only possibly title was The Pink Flamingo!


DATE OF BIRTH: December 2, West Palm Beach, Florida
Dust Devil published by Jinglebob Press, July 1999
TRAVESTY: Frank Waters’ Earp Agenda Exposed, Jinglebob Press, Sept 2006
A Church for Helldorado, Jinglebob Press, Oct 2006
The Second Mrs. Earp, Jinglebob Press, Nov 2006
BLOG: The Pink Flamingo

Wild West Redressed: American Fashion in Photos 1860-1910 (October, 2014)
Pop Sunflowers & Thistle, A Praise Book – Jinglebob Press, (in rewrites)
The Mysterious Death of Mattie Earp
Opiates in the Wild West
Murder mystery set in modern day Tombstone – Jinglebob Press (in early edits) The title will not be released at the current time.
Sequel currently being written
Essays on Christian living (in progress)
Year long devotional (in early edits)
The Lord’s Prayer for Christian Idiots Like Me (in progress)
Essays about Wyatt Earp (in progress)
Research into pharmacology & use of opiates in late 19th Century Southwest

Due to the completely unexpected discovery that my father has Alzheimer’s my work is behind by at least 2 years. Because of the nature of the disease and working with the early stages, I will eventually turn what I’ve learned into a book, and series of lectures to help children deal with aging parents, diseases such as Alzheimer’s, and the legal, medical, and social ramifications of the disease.

It should also be noted that I’ve spent the past eight years researching the role of extremists within the Republican Party. I do not know if this will or will not become a book.

1993: The Mill Gallery “Jamaica”
1994: The Mill Gallery “Dinetah”
1988: Southern Space Conference “Space Shuttle Photography”
1986: Worldcon Atlanta “Space Shuttle Photography”
1985: Spaceweek Art Show “Space Shuttle Photography”
Space Shuttle launch slides in use by Clemson University
Space Shuttle launch coverage: 1980-1990
Travel photography: Four Corners, Jamaica, England, France, Wales, Antigua, Guadeloupe, St. Martin,

1980-1990: Writing Credits include: Pas Colonist; Space Age Times; The Space Press
On site press coverage: Voyager II flyby of Saturn (JPL); Space Shuttle Missions (STS 3,5,6,8,9, 26,41-B,41-D,51-D)
2005-currently – The Pink Flamingo blog
1998 – currently – misc. freelance articles

Gene Roddenberry, Leonard Nimoy, James Doohan, Carl Sagan, Gerald P. Carr, Charles Duke, Deke Slayton, Harrison H. Schmitt, Newt Gingrich, Dale Murphy, Johnny Bench, Ted Williams, Dizzy Dean, etc.
Numerous local radio, television appearances related to either the space program or GOP politics


2003 – Co-Director – Friends of Tombstone Annual Conference
2003-2005 – (Interim) Secretary – Episcopal Church of the Holy Mount
2005 – currently – freelance writing, blog
2006 – currently – owner Wyatt Earp Books, independent publishing company (currently seeking authors)
1988-1997 Owner – The Mill Gallery
1993-1996 – Co-chairman – Oconee County ATAX Committee
1988 – Chairman – Southern Space Conference
1982-1988 – Editor – Pas Colonist
1881-1988 – Member of National Coordinating Committee on Space
1981-1990 – Founder, Executive Director – Piedmont Advocacy for Space
1983 – Co-Founder – Women’s Space Network
1983-1995 – Director – Spaceweek Upstate

Coordinating tourism for Oconee County, SC
Chaired two major conferences
Designer of space exhibits and displays
Organizer of space related art shows
Leader in women’s space movement
Expertise in Southwestern Native American jewelry, rugs, pottery, art
Experienced decorator, designer of Christmas trees, wreaths, flower arrangements for retail industry
Owned, managed gift shop
Secretary, administrative assistant

2004 – Currently – White Sands Chapter, DAR
2001- 2002 – Registrar – Sierra Blanca Chapter DAR
2000 – 2005 adult leader – All Angels Chapter of the Junior Daughters of the King
1999 – President – Noisy Waters Sertoma Club
1994-1996 – Editor – Oconee Sertoma Club Newsletter
1995-1996 – Sergeant at Arms – Oconee Sertoma Club
1993-1995 – Board of Directors – Oconee Sertoma Club
1993-1994 – Co-chairman – Beachnight – Oconee Sertoma Club fund-raiser

Currently – Political Commentary daily via The Pink Flamingo
1994 – Chairman – major fund-raiser for Lindsey Graham during original Congressional Campaign
1993-1995 – Chairman, Oconee County Republican Party
1991 – 3rd Vice Chairman, Oconee County Republican Party
1989-1990 – Secretary, Oconee County Republican Party
1985-1995 – Chaired major fund-raisers and events for Oconee County Republican Party
1981-1997 – National political lobbying for Space Program
1972 – In high school, worked directly with Lee Atwater on local, state, and national political campaigns

Produced space related slide tape show: Human Habitats and Space Colonies
Lectures for local school children about space program
Lectures for local school children about Navajo culture
Authored total elementary school curriculum on space education
Lecture series for emotionally disturbed children – space related topics
Experimental summer space seminar
Tutorial work with emotionally disturbed, learning disabled children
Organizer of first space related discussion panels involving women’s interests and the space program
Summer, 1999 – ENNU – Internet Genealogy for Seniors
Fall, 1999 – ENMU – Internet Genealogy for Seniors
Summer, 2001 – ENMU – Internet Genealogy for Seniors
Winter, 2001 – ENMU – Problem Genealogy
Summer, 2001 – ENMU – Problem Genealogy
Tombstone History
Genealogy for Beginners
2002-2005 – Director – All Angels Chapter, Junior Daughters of the King
2004 – Mysterious Death of Mattie Earp – Lecture
2004 – currently – lectures on life of Wyatt Earp, life in 1880’s West, etc.

1995 – Sertoma Pacesetter District 2nd Place Newsletter Award
4th Edition – Directory of Distinguished Americans
4th Edition – Personalities of Americium
1985-1997 – International Women’s Who’s Who
5th Edition – Directory of American Leadership
1991 – Women’s Circle of Achievement
Biographical Roll of Honor for Distinguished Service to American Space Movement
Vol. XX – Directory of International Biography
2004 – Directory of International Biography

Western Writers of America
White Sands Chapter – National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Wyatt Earp’s life and times
Verdi and Wagnerian opera
Don Juan legend
Southwest Native American arts
Celtic Britain
Navajo history and culture
Use of opiates in the 1880’s
Space memorabilia and collectibles
Arthurian England
Western films and television
Kit Carson
Role of extremists in the GOP, tracking white supremacists, KKK, John Birchers, nativists, etc.

WORD TO THE WISE: When you skip school to go meet Ted Williams, just make sure you don’t end up with your photo on the front page of the local paper. There are always come teachers who just don’t approve of such things.

The Pink Flamingo currently lives with a toy poodle, Ronald Rumsfeld Reagan Reidhead. I am owned by: Doc Holiday – age 12.5 (gray tabby, rescued at 9 days old)
Mommy Cat – age 8 (mottled calico, rescued)
B(r)at Masterson – age 6 (white, gray)
Bubbles Silverman – age 5 (huge long hair calico)
Hoss Cartwright – age 5 (red tabby)
Madam – age 4 (?) (calico, rescued)
Miss Leontyne Price – 1 year old this month (huge, very long hair, Maine Coon, rescued)

Things you might not know about The Pink Flamingo. I collect Pink Depression glass and have several hundred pieces. I have a baseball book that has been autographed by some of the greatest players in the history of the game. I have hundreds of books. I am a professional Christmas tree decorator. At last count I had nearly 300 pair of shoes! I consider the 4th Game of the 1976 World Series to be one of the greatest days of my life! My idea of the perfect man is a cross between the original Capt. James T. Kirk, James Bond, Sherrill Milnes, and Wyatt Earp. I suspect there is a pathology at work there.

And – I’m fairly certain I can name the kings and queens of England – in order.



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The Second Mrs. Earp

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Have you noticed the cover on the front of my second novel, The Second Mrs. Earp? It is a sketch adapted from a photo of my grandmother Reidhead.

The woman in the straw hat is my great-grandmother, Alma Dustin Perkins.  When she was 5 years old she survived a massacre by the Sioux.  Her parents, grandmother and infant brother were brutally slaughtered by Little Crow in June of 1863.


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A Church for Helldorado

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It took me ten years to obtain a copy of Endicott Peabody’s Tombstone diary. To date it is only the second Tombstone Earp-era diary yet discovered and transcribed.  The irony is that the other diary belongs to that of George Parsons, who became Endicott Peabody’s life-long friend.


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Update on My Newest Book

Posted by on January 28, 2011 in Doc Holiday (the cat), Wild West Redressed |

My newest book has progressed from being known as the darn book, to the blasted book to the @#*& book.  That should tell you something.  I am still on target for the October publication date, but it is a pain.   Trying to arrange nearly 2000 photos into a book that is NOT as large as its current incarnation is difficult.  When one is working with the constant assistance of Doc Holiday (the cat) it is not easy.  She is far too critical and very little actual assistance.


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Travesty: Frank Waters’ Earp Agenda Exposed

Posted by on January 28, 2011 in Non-Fiction, Travesty, Wyatt Earp |

Legendary New Mexico author Frank Waters did his best to slander Wyatt Earp.  Why he did so is still a mystery.  After a decade of research, I still don’t know why he did it.  Travesty features the original version of The Earp Brothers of Tombstone, that I discovered, untouched, after nearly a half century.

Why did he do it?

I still don’t know.


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