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Copyright SJ Reidhead

Copyright SJ Reidhead

My first book of Christian essays is finally in the first stages of proofing and edits!  Just don’t ask for a publication date.  I have no idea. I do have a working title:  To Walk on Water.  Now,  you know almost as much as I do.  There is a second book in the works, based primarily on women’s issues and the history of women in the church, via more essays.  I’m maybe a third of the way through it.  While I’ve been doing that, I’ve been piddling around completing a book on essays about my political evolution from ‘Reagan’ Conservative to a proud supporter of Barack Obama. I’ve also started working on essays about pedophilia and overcoming abuse.

Believe it or not, my fourth murder mystery was completed in record time, in maybe 6 weeks.  I’ve begun a fifth, writing obsessively.  According to one of my editors, it’s a way of dealing with dealing with Alzheimer’s. And, yes, there’s a book on that, eventually.

The murder mysteries are fun.  They take place in modern day Tombstone.  Nothing is serious.  They are shallow and superficial, slip on a banana peel funny, with nothing resembling reality.  Oh, wait, that’s Tombstone!  And, before anyone gets upset, Tombstone is my 2nd favorite place in the world.  Bath is the other, KSC is third, BTW.

A couple weeks ago, I started counting works that are finished, needing edits, and nearly finished.  I’m up to 9 books.  At least, if I want, when I finally get around to dealing with my poor, long-suffering agent, and getting my act together, I can coast a few years when it comes to writing.

As far as Wild West Redressed, I need get back to it.  I’ve been searching for some very specific information, which I’ve finally located.  I think it changes the way we look at people in the Wild West, or rather how we smell them.  Yes, I can prove that they used deodorant. And that, is a very big fat hairy deal!

One other development, I have changed the color of my hair. Now, back to Tombstone.  The meanest woman in town was just murdered.  The problem is everyone disliked her so much, town marshal Jake Clark has concluded they have at least 900 or so suspects!


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