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Finally Doing Edits

Posted by sjreidhead@mac.com on June 22, 2018 in Fiction, Non-Fiction, Personal, Works In Progress, Wyatt Earp |


It has been a long time since my brain has allowed me to do edits.  I’m working on the book about my father’s Alzheimer’s.  It’s time to put the articles and essays I’ve done about Wyatt Earp into something viable.  I’m doing that.  My publisher wants the murder mystery.  I need to get my act together and do a print-out, then find some pathetic sucker to do a quickie proof.  After a slow start, I just realized I’m about 40% into the murder mystery #11.  I’ve creeped myself out with this one. At least the brain is working.

I love the photos of the Thunderbirds I took several years ago.

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Off Into the Sunset

Posted by sjreidhead@mac.com on May 11, 2018 in Fiction, Non-Fiction, Personal, Tombstone, Uncategorized |

The best part of living in my still very messy new home is definitely the sunsets! The patio is nearly ready for company. The kitties are all here. Rums loves his enclosed courtyard. I’m still trying to shelve books. The Doc Holiday play is finished. I’m doing edits on the first volume of the murder […]



My Books Are Not on Amazon

Posted by sjreidhead@mac.com on April 5, 2016 in Fiction, Non-Fiction |

Like many indy writers, I am not selling my books on Amazon.  You can find them there, but the price is obscene and insulting. Also, I’m not happy because some jerk went and wrote nasty reviews, damning me over the price, which is something I have no control over via third party sites. I’m not […]



A Quickie Update

Posted by sjreidhead@mac.com on September 8, 2015 in Christian Essays, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Tombstone, Uncategorized, Works In Progress |

I am working on murder mystery #8.  I know, I should be doing edits and prepping for publication, but right now, I don’t even care.  There are so many other things going on my fried brain can’t deal with it. A Walk on Water is being proofed.  I suspect it will see publication before anything […]

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How to Acquire My Books

Posted by sjreidhead@mac.com on October 26, 2014 in A Church for Helldorado, Fiction, Non-Fiction, The Second Mrs. Earp, Travesty, Uncategorized |

The other month or so someone left a horrible message on Amazon, slamming my books as not worth the price!  I agree.  Like so many authors who can’t afford to go the way of Amazon’s extortion fees, what books are offered are being sold for prices that are obscene they are so high.  I finally […]


Edits, Obsessive Writing, & Murder

Posted by sjreidhead@mac.com on December 6, 2013 in Christian Essays, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Tombstone, Works In Progress |

My first book of Christian essays is finally in the first stages of proofing and edits!  Just don’t ask for a publication date.  I have no idea. I do have a working title:  To Walk on Water.  Now,  you know almost as much as I do.  There is a second book in the works, based […]

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Posted by sjreidhead@mac.com on September 30, 2013 in Christian Essays, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Opera, Uncategorized, Works In Progress |

I just finished the third of my murder mysteries about modern day Tombstone!  It weighed in at around 499 pages and way too many words.  Unfortunately, I’ve already started the fourth.  I know, I should be editing, but I’m rather obsessively writing. About two weeks ago I finished – or think I finished my first […]

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Confessions of a Compulsive Writer

Posted by sjreidhead@mac.com on May 30, 2013 in Christian Essays, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Opera, Tombstone, Works In Progress |

It’s like this.  I’ve been writing, obsessively and compulsively since the end of July.  So far, I’ve produced about 1400 manuscript pages that included my first two murder mysteries, and am wrapping up a book on Christian essays.  I’m about 100 pages into my third murder mystery. Okay, I confess, I’m having fun killing people!  […]

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About SJ Reidhead

I am a kindergarten drop-out. Lately, I has been getting some questions about who I am, and what I believe. I thought I would post a bit of information about me. You can find more information about my politics at The Pink Flamingo. The main thing is I’ve had a blast, managed to get to […]

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The Second Mrs. Earp

Posted by sjreidhead@mac.com on January 29, 2011 in Fiction, The Second Mrs. Earp |

Have you noticed the cover on the front of my second novel, The Second Mrs. Earp? It is a sketch adapted from a photo of my grandmother Reidhead. The woman in the straw hat is my great-grandmother, Alma Dustin Perkins.  When she was 5 years old she survived a massacre by the Sioux.  Her parents, […]

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A Church for Helldorado

Posted by sjreidhead@mac.com on January 29, 2011 in A Church for Helldorado, Non-Fiction, Tombstone, Wyatt Earp |

It took me ten years to obtain a copy of Endicott Peabody’s Tombstone diary. To date it is only the second Tombstone Earp-era diary yet discovered and transcribed.  The irony is that the other diary belongs to that of George Parsons, who became Endicott Peabody’s life-long friend.

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Update on My Newest Book

Posted by sjreidhead@mac.com on January 28, 2011 in Doc Holiday (the cat), Wild West Redressed |

My newest book has progressed from being known as the darn book, to the blasted book to the @#*& book.  That should tell you something.  I am still on target for the October publication date, but it is a pain.   Trying to arrange nearly 2000 photos into a book that is NOT as large as […]

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Travesty: Frank Waters’ Earp Agenda Exposed

Posted by sjreidhead@mac.com on January 28, 2011 in Non-Fiction, Travesty, Wyatt Earp |

Legendary New Mexico author Frank Waters did his best to slander Wyatt Earp.  Why he did so is still a mystery.  After a decade of research, I still don’t know why he did it.  Travesty features the original version of The Earp Brothers of Tombstone, that I discovered, untouched, after nearly a half century. Why […]

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